“The network is slow” must be one of the phrases heard most often when troubleshooting application slowness. If troubleshooting servers and clients doesn’t immediately reveal anything, the argument goes, then it must be the network that is causing performance issues. In fact, most of the time it is not the network that is running slowly, but this is very hard to prove. However, the network is an excellent medium for gaining information that can point your troubleshooting in the right direction.

General-consult helps you to pinpoint performance issues by analysing your network with specialized equipment. We document your business application flow and make it the focus of our network performance analysis. The results reveal the source(s) of application slowness. This could be the network, the client, front-end server, back-end server, etc.  It can even pinpoint the database or the http URL.

Once the source is discovered, you can start targeted troubleshooting to uncover the root cause. General-consult helps you troubleshoot performance issues in a systematic way, so preventing arguments about responsibility and producing happy end users as all their applications are running smoothly.